5 (More) Zombie Films You Haven’t Seen

Okay, I understand the last list wasn’t as indie as it could have been, so I took some suggestions from readers and am rebooting my list.

1. Dead Girl

Dead Girl made this list because after reading the synopsis, I have to watch this one. It’s about some teenage boys who find this dead girl tied to a gurney in some abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Things get out of hand and the boys end up getting a little too comfortable with the corpse.

A non-traditional zombie movie in every sense of the word. Although I did run into some who were not too thrilled about me using this film nor wanted to actually sit an watch it with me due to the graphic nature of it. And the naked dead girl. To which my response was as follows.

2. The Signal

The Signal is a three-part film with a separate director for each segment. The plot is about a signal broadcasted through technological means which turns people into murderous monsters. This film made the list because of its unique look into the zombie infection.

3. Dead Snow

Dead. Nazi. Zombies. Need I say more?

Okay, I’ll say a little more. Dead Snow is another comedy horror that takes zombies to the next level. Clichés are usually frowned upon, but this film uses them to its advantage. A very fun work indeed.

4. Versus

What are Japanese films known for? Random explosions? Whacky misadventures? Versus does not disappoint in any of those categories. Oh, and there’s swords. And martial arts. Just…just watch it.

5. The Dead

Slow zombies again! Yay! The Dead is more of a traditional zombie flick, so don’t expect a lot or originality. It takes place in Africa, which I thought was interesting, with only two main characters. If you’re looking for a timeless, sit-on-your-couch-with-beer-and-popcorn kind of movie, this is it.

So, did this list please you? I have an idea. List an indie zombie film you think I haven’t seen. I’ll collect five of the best and make another list based on your suggestions. Ready? GO!


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