Winchester Mystery House… Want to Spend the Night?

Construction began on the Winchester House in 1884. Sarah Winchester was always seen as “different,” but nobody knew how until the house was being built. It was under constant construction and had not even been finished at the time of her death in 1928. She even consulted mediums and held seances to help her understand where to put a staircase or a door.

Now, the Winchester Mystery House is open for the public (at a modest charge) to explore its interior. It’s situated right across the street from bustling Santana Row in San Jose, California. The main draw of the house is it’s seemingly random staircases that lead nowhere and doors that open to shear drops. 

When I was fourteen, my parents took me there. Needless to say, I was into the paranormal heavily at that time and jumped at the chance. I was so excited that I was going to see/hear/feel a real ghost! Finally!

But when I got there, I was more impressed by the maze of corridors. Turns out, Sarah Winchester was told by mediums that she had to keep building otherwise she’d be accosted by spirits. This is why some staircases and doors lead nowhere and there’s a garden inside. So, Sarah did just that. Even when her arthritis prevented her from walking up stairs, she just built them an inch from the ground. Yes, there is a staircase with forty steps in the house that only ascends about nine feet.

“Sure is a funky old house, ain’t it?”

Anyway, the buzz is that a recently-acquired permit is allowing thrill-seekers to stay overnight at the mansion. Of course, not all the rooms are included (mainly the caretaker’s and foreman’s residence). What it looks like is that it will almost be transformed into…a…hotel

I heard on the radio this morning that a gentleman said he’d be willing to pay $3,000 to stay overnight at the place. The DJ was flabbergasted. Me? Not so much. Want to know why? Because when I was involved in paranormal investigation, I contacted the Winchester Mystery House to get in on that sweet piece of haunted real estate. Guess how much they wanted to charge me for an overnight investigation. Yep. $3,000. 

So when I heard the news they were letting people in overnight like it was a new concept, I kind of looked like this:

The option has always been there to stay overnight, it’d just cost you a month’s salary (if you’re lucky enough to make that much). But now it looks like it will be much more affordable. 

Would you stay in the house overnight? Have you been there? Experienced anything? I’d like to know!



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